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Fatherhood Prison
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Pray - 20 January 2022

Praise the Lord that Kees arrived safely in South Africa.

Please pray for brother Kees. Lord willing he will be preaching this week-end in Ventersdorp and next week travels to Eswatini and then onto Maputo, Mozambique. Pray for the translation into Portuguese of Kees' new book.

Praise - 20 October 2021

Please give thanks to our Lord for a wonderful Eastern Regional Audiobible Teacher Outreach in Zambia from the 6th to the 15th October 2021. It has positively affected the Chiefs, Indunas, Headmen, and men, women and children at large.

Praise and Prayer - 4 August 2021

We stand firmly in our Lord Jesus, celebrating the healing mercies upon Pastor Kwacha in Zambia.
Zambia, Eastern Province resolved to continue spreading the gospel using ABT's already in the zones while we have at present no ABT's anymore to distribute and grow our reach substantially.
Pastor Kwacha, urged the team to reach out to lost souls in remote places where vehicles cannot pass. He said COVID19 has come to stay and we must not stop preaching.

Praise and Prayer - 18 May 2021

There is a great need of prayer and for much intercession is our Zambia leader, Kwacha Mvula. About a month ago he was in the large prison of Kitwe in the northern Copperbelt province for the Ministry. He had a severe stroke there, was locally hospitalized, and is severely paralyzed, including unable to speak, though his face looks good. Please spend time interceding for him until our Father restores him totally.

Praise and Prayer - 18 March 2021

Please pray for Kees as he travels to Lilongwe, Malawi today and for a good time in Malawi visiting partners in the ministry and delivering some ABT's. Kees in hoping to spend a week in Malawi before heading north to Tanzania.

Praise and Prayer - 10 March 2021

Give thanks that Kees made it safely by road from Johannesburg to Lusaka. Please pray that he may get his visa for Malawi and be able to have a very fruitful week in Malawi before traveling up north to Tanzania.

Praise and Prayer - 27 January 2021

Pedro Trigo, our strong YWAM leader in Niassa province of Moçambique, called to ask all of you to celebrate with his team as this coming Sunday, 31 January they will be baptizing many Ms from villages in a wide area around Massangulo in West Niassa.

Pray with us that many people who are still apprehensive may be encouraged by family and friends to follow our Jesus in His death and resurrection into a full life.

Prayer - 31 July 2020

Please pray for Kees as he was involved in a serious car crash last Monday night in Tanzania. His Range truck was very badly damaged. Looks like his wrist was broken. Praise the Lord for sparing his life and pray that he may soon recover.

Prayer - 31 March 2020

Praise the Lord that brother Kees made is all the way from Johannesburg to Zambia before the borders were closed because of the Covid-19.

Praise the Lord for good meetings with Partners in Zambia. Please now pray as Kees is waiting out his 14 days before he can pass thru the border from Malawi to Tanzania with a load of 420 ABT's. Pray that he will make it safely to Morogoro this week.

Pray for the Swahili and kinyaRwanda programs to be recorded for the ABT's.

Prayer - March 2020

Francis is asking "How do we help people to understand the words of God as they study the Bible?" Yesterday Francis was in a village in eastern Malawi. People were very open to asking questions about Jesus. They wanted to know why Christian's pray in the name of Jesus?

Please pray that these people will know the truth and be free from religious bondage. Pray that Holy Spirit will encourage them. Also pray that we can build good relationships and trust so that we can start more ABT Bible study groups.

Prayer - February 2020

Please pray for Kees as he returns to Southern Africa the first week-end in March.

Prayer - February 2020

Please pray for Kees as he returns to Southern Africa the first week-end in March.

Prayer - January 2020

Eric asks that we please pray with him. Eric write "The first week of February I will be going to a place called Sembezi in Moatize district to start a Bible study group using the Audio Bible."

Prayer request from Kees - December 2019

A number of you know my close friend Rabson Mwengwe well. He is a board member of FPMFZambia.

He asked me to pray urgently with him for his wife who has been diagnosed with cancer and is now at UTH hospital in Lusaka. Will you pray for her with the Mwengwe family and me?

Also, compared to this it is only a little thing; last Tuesday I did a hike close to Seattle with two of my grandchildren on a rough mountain trail. Almost back I tripped over something and made a bad fall; my right shoulder was badly swollen with at least some broken bone. Tomorrow I will have the first doctor's visit when a good x-ray can be made to better see the damage after 6 days of healing with my arm in a sling to keep it level. I believe that Father will even use this accident for His purposes. Pain has already gone down for most part. I hope to still be able to travel back to Africa as planned.

Happy, blessed and joyful 2020 to you all in Jesus' name!!!


Prayer - 7 November 2019

On Monday, Kees starts two weeks of recordings of a Portuguese program in Maputo with bible college/school teacher hailing from Nampula, Martinho Paulo. He also did the translation work, as he knows both English and Portuguese. ????

In February/March Kees is hoping to record the lessons for a Tanzanian Swahili program. These two language programs will be some major milestones for the Audio Bible Teacher.

Please pray that it all will go well with Father's guidance.

Prayer - 10 October 2019

Please pray for Kees he travels from Malawi to Morogoro this coming week.

Prayer - 23 December 2018

Please pray for the Father's anointing on Kees as he he writes a book about "Healing of the Wounded Heart".

Prayer - 23 August 2018

This coming week-end Alex is travelling from Zambia to Kasenga in the DRC to introduce the Audio Bible Teachers. Please pray for Alex, that all will go well.

Prayer - 12th July 2018

This coming Sunday, please pray for Fatherhood Prison Ministries and the success of its vision.

• Pray for the spiritual health of FPMF.
• Pray for the spiritual health and strength of all of our co-workers.
• Pray for my spiritual health and strength.
• Pray for our determination to keep on denying ourselves, so that only our Father's will counts in our lives and actions.
• Pray for our safety.
• Pray for the recordings in Macua and Kaonde to progress.
• Pray for our brother Fabien in Rwanda to have the strength and willpower, as Father works the willing in him, to translate lessons in Rwanda and have someone assist him with Swahili.
• Pray for supporters to buy adequate supplies of ABT's so the distributions will not slow down.
• Pray for the Father to help us to disciple His newly reborn African children into maturity and for Him to protect those children.
• Pray for Father to build strong churches among them.

Praise - 18 May 2018

Give thanks that Kees arrived safely in Nampula with the ABT's. The border crossing went well but it was not an easy trip to Nampula as his car broke down and Kees spent two night sleeping in his car. Praise the Lord for His protection and that Kees was able to still arrive on time to speak at the YWAM Conference. The Conference ended on the 10th May.

Pray - 3 May 2018

Please pray for Kees as he is travelling by road from Johannesburg, to Maputo and on to Nampula with a heavy load of ABT's. Please pray for easy border crossings and safety on this dangerous road.

Praise - 18 April 2018

Praise the Lord! Brother Amos reports that in Chilwe there use to be very few Listener Groups but now there are 55 Listener Groups with about 38 people in each Group. These Groups listen to the ABT's and also the radio program in ChiYao. The distribution of the ChiYao ABT's started two and a half years ago.

Pray - 25 January 2018

Please pray for Kees as he travels by road from South Africa to Zambia. May the Lord keep him from harm and danger and that the border crossings will go well.

Praise - 18 January 2018

Praise the Lord that Kees Hoek has arrived back in Johannesburg after spending Christmas with famliy and visiting supporters of FPMF.

Praise - 10 September 2017

Praise for a good repsonse to the speaking of the Healing the Wounded Heart messages in Zambia this past month. In Kabwe 51 were baptised and in Kansenshi in Ndola 25 of which 15 were women. 14 were baptised in Chondwe Farm Prison, 72 in Singongo Remand Prison and 22 in Luanysa Prison.

Pray for Kees and team as they are now in Kitwe bring the lessons in a very large prison.

Pray - 26 June 2017

Please pray for Kees as he is travelling by road from Blantyre to Lusaka this week. Kees will be following up on the work in Zambia.

Praise - 23 June 2017

Praise the Lord that Kees has arrived in Malawi with a load of ABT's. Some ABT's were off loaded at Massangulo and Lichinga along the way to Blantyre. So now the work can continue.

Pray for Kees - 16 June 2017

Please pray for Kees as he travels from Johannesburg to Swaziland today and then through Mozambique to Malawi with another load of ABT's. Please pray that all the border crossings will go well and that his car will keep going well.

Praise - 18 April 2017

Praise the Lord that Kees has arrived back in Malawi after spending time in Lusaka to receive a 1000 Audibibles Players.

Pray for Kees and Amos as they visit Listener Clubs and also for Kees as he prepares to teach at a gathering of new believers across the border from Malawi in northern Mozambique.

Pray for Kees - 31 January 2017

Praise the Lord the Kees has arrived safely in Malawi after a hair raising road trip from Swaziland through Mozambique. Please pray that his time in Malawi will be blessed and there will be a great harvest for the Kingdom.

Important prayer request from Kees - 15 November 2016

I would like to specifically ask for prayer for this ABT distribution program, as it cannot be allowed to stop when the Lord takes me home. I speak my trust in God that Satan cannot take me out; that is impossible; the Lord will accomplish His purposes with the ABT He created. But it is imperative that we seek tools to make sure that the work continues after I am no longer here.

I am 78 years old after all, the age when God began using Moses, but Moses soon had a couple of young men he mentored, Hur, Joshua and Caleb. This ministry needs such men to come alongside to assist with fund raising as well as learn to take over a lot of the load that now rest on me. This load often causes me now to make mistakes, like putting stuff away and I then cannot find it back; it happens quite often. And so I just now lost my passport after completing the application for a new South African Temporary Residency Visa.

Praise the Lord Kees did find his Passport.

Praise the Lord - Mission accomplished - Early September 2016

In Nsanje there is a total prison population of 216 and 52 were baptized. Two of them were ladies. But at Chikwawa where 173 people had signed up for baptism, there was no flowing water for three days. Once the water was running again, 102 men were baptised. There is the problem of the demonic influence that pulls back so many when they get the chance. Being baptized puts God's promise in action as He says in Psalm 91:14 & 15: "Because He loves Me with all his heart, therefore I will deliver him and lift him up because He knows Me. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him, and show him My salvation." There were many extremely happy faces that day, smiling with a big thank you.

Praise the Lord - August 01 2016

Praise the Lord that 2000 ABT's arrived safely in Blantyre and please pray that that they will be programmed with content in the next week or two.

Please pray for the Team in Malawi as they visit the Prisons in the North of the country during the month of August.

Praise the Lord for a very good meeting with the Prison authorities in Chichiri.

Pray for the funds to come in to purchase 2000 ABT's later this year.

Kees returned to Malawi - July 05 2016

Please pray for many lessons in Chichewa and chiYao to be added to the ABTs.

Please pray for the new ABTs to arrive safely in Malawi and that they can be programmeed immediately and for distribution to the right people in the prisons.

Please pray with us, for health and strength for Kees and the team, as well as the much needed anointing by the Holy Spirit.

Pray with us for a manager and IT Man

The work is growing rapidly and Kees does not have enough time to handle the many requests to expand our outreach. Please pray with us to the Lord of the Harvest that He send us two staff members for our work. We need a manager to oversee and encourage growth of national teams. He will also be in charge of creating audio programs in new languages. We also ask our Lord to provide for a spirit-filled man with experience using Information technology to create social networking through the Internet media.